IRC Automatización is able to provide turnkey solutions because the entire technical team, made up of more than 40 people, is qualified and certified in the latest industry technologies and can offer the best alternatives.


Defines the company’s strategic and functional objectives, and supervises and coordinates the fulfillment of those goals by allocating resources and budgets.


Designs medium-term improvement strategies in addition to work methodologies that guarantee quality throughout the organisation.


Manages the company’s resources and creates strategies for developing products and taking them to market, defining the necessary goals and means.


Manages the resources for each project to ensure that goals are met using a limited budget, but always focused on client satisfaction.


Obtains funding for the company’s needs, and plans revenues and expenses to ensure solid finances.


Develops new products that make the company more competitive and guarantee its medium- and long-term future.


Provides remote and on-site technical support and advises clients on engineering, hardware and software matters.


Implements industrial cybersecurity and communications projects to achieve a level of security that prevents internal and external attacks to the facility.

Sistemas de control

Develops and implements control systems for all types of architectures (PC, PLC, PCS7) by programming and configuring all the equipment within the project scope.

Scada mes

Develops advanced monitoring and facility control systems, massive data collection for tracking systems, production planning and management.


Programs, regulates, optimises and performs maintenance on motion control systems (industrial robots, servomotor synchronism and numeric control machines).

Centro de control

Monitors the key parameters of electrical power plants in real time to prepare reports and address incidents that may arise.