Global communications server with the functionality of an OPC server with old and current specifications (OPC UA), resulting in a unique solution as opposed to conventional alternatives:

  • Connectivity from the IT area
    • OPC communication standards
    • MQTT communication standards
    • Direct connection to Azure and Siemens MindSphere cloud
  • Connectivity from the OT area
    • CNC/machine tool controllers
    • Robot controllers
    • Special industrial controllers
    • PLC/PAC-type industrial controllers
  • Multi-platform
  • Independent operating system management (based on HTML5)
  • Data logger tools
  • Data linking tools
Ilustración IRConnect


This solution integrates data at the machine, which means that data can be integrated from any machine controller via communication and electrical systems can obtain data instantly.

The system enables production staff to monitor in real time the cost of each product by cross-referencing energy consumption data, breakdowns, cycle times, etc.


100% industrial street lighting system that stands out from standard market solutions.

Based on Siemens hardware, SCAP has certain advantages for the normal operation of these types of systems:

  • Maintenance website graphical user interface, which means it can be used by authorised staff via the Internet
  • Communication systems to access the power company’s meter data
  • Sophisticated industrial firewall to prevent attacks from an array of sources